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Gelykfontein Farm is situated in South Africa's heartland, the Great Karoo. Our website offers more information about Gelykfontein’s history, our vision and our livestock. Our animals are hardy, super fertile animals that is well adapted to the South African Karoo environment. Contact Gelykfontein for more information.

History of Gelykfontein

Gelykfontein has been in the Van der Walt family since 1884 and we’ve been working towards a balanced farming operation in the Karoo, close to the Gariep Dam since then. Today the farm is run by Schalk van der Walt. Read more...

Nguni Cattle on Gelykfontein

Gelykfontein’s biggest operation are the Nguni Cattle Stud off an average of 600 cattle. Schalk were the first farmer in the region to acquire Nguni Cattle 26 years ago, establishing his herd in 1983. He was tired of struggling with breeds that are not suited for the region, especially in droughts and had to be fed! Learn more about our Nguni Cattle.

Veld Goats on Gelykfontein

The last 42 years, goats has been part of the farming operation. Schalk bred improved “Boer” goats for 25 years, after realizing the hardiness and compatibility of the indigenous breeds, and switched to indigenous veld goats 11 years ago. These goats originated from the Kunene region, Kaokoveld in Namibia and the Transkei. Learn more about our Veld Goats.

Rubicon Merino Sheep on Gelykfontein

Rubicon Merino forms the third branch on Gelykfontein. In the 1969 drought with literally no grazing, Schalk and his late father JC van der Walt, bred “Pleaded Merinos”. When wool prices also started falling, they bought the first Letelle rams. Eventually they replaced all the merinos with Letelle sheep, that stayed on the veld all the time. Learn more about our Rubicon Merinos.

Thoroughbred Horses on Gelykfontein

The Race Horse Stud started in 1935 by Schalk’s farther, JC (Boer) van der Walt. Many well know winning champions has been bred on Gelykfontein over the years, including a Metropolitan Handicap Winner, Guinness Winners, a Merchants Handicap Winner, Race Horse of the Year, Broodmare of the Year and many Grade I, II and III Winners. Learn more about our Race Horses.








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